Waterfall Construction

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Recreate A Tropical Oasis

Imagine an amazing waterfall into a serene koi pond in your backyard or near your garden. Tranquil and natural sounding, a waterfall will not only bless your property with beauty, but will also increase your home’s value. We are the experts in waterfall construction. Whether it’s a pool water fall or a backyard waterfall made of natural stone, no job is too big or too small. We customize every job to meet the features that you would like to have in your waterfall.



Sculpted concrete waterfalls are constructed on concrete footings with #3 rebar and plastic mesh used to shape the basic structure of the rocks. A 2-3 inch thick shotcrete coat is applied to further shape the rock formation. A 1-2 inch carved coat is applied and all concrete is hand carved and textured to provide the final appearance. The concrete is then stained to the desired color.

Sculpted concrete allows us to adapt to any structure and shape and direct the water with the direction and force to achieve the proper water flow.


Natural Boulders

We construct Natural boulder Water Features with boulders from all over the United States. We have installed water features using Tennessee Boulders, Pennsylvania Boulders, North Carolina Boulders, Connecticut Granite Boulders, Florida Cap Rock and Oolite Florida Boulders.


Custom Fabricated Natural Stone and Boulders

Our artists and masons can custom fabricate almost any stone shape or finish from natural materials and concrete materials.

We manufacture lightweight concrete boulders and stepping stones in many sizes and colors. Please see our Boulder and Stepping Stone Tab.